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Groups are special communities of people that have special interests. Groups are a great way to organize people, content, conversations, and more. Following a group will notify you about important conversation, events, surveys, videos, webinars, and more regarding the group,

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  • Analytics,Reporting,Data
    Integrated throughout your WorkOutLoud platform are collection, reporting, and analytic features help you and your audience improve and collaborate effectively.
  • Blog,Thought Leader,WordPress
    Simple to use and deploy, WorkOutLoud’s blogging technology is available to any member in your community. We take ALL the complexity out of creating and maintaining your blog, and more importantly, your knowledge contributions. We also offer a direct integration with WordPress so you don't have to worry about copying/pasting or doubling your efforts. Type it up in WorkOutLoud and connect it directly to your website!
  • Collaborate,Messaging,Conversations
    Messaging capabilities delivers an immediate conversation to the mix outside of the normal “Feed” capabilities. Instant conversations can be between two or more people and can also be setup for contextual use that can be joined in a public fashion – great for projects, teams, and anywhere you need instant, shared, private or public conversations.
  • Event,Calendar,webinar,Registration
    Almost all communities require some sort of calendaring and an ability to simply create events with the right features that solve the challenge. WorkOutLoud recognizes this need and comes integrated with state-of-the-art event management that is integrated to the entire user experience of your community. Designed to also be managed by the customer, the events features add yet another reason to join and engage with your community.
  • Feed,News,Information
    Comprehensive news feed aggregating and suggesting information that is relevant to you based on our algorithms and your “opt-in” follow requests. Our feed ensures you have the information that is important to you in a timely manner.
  • Feedback,WorkOutLoud,Q&A,FAQ
    Feedback and Q&A
    This is a direct group to transparently share issues, challenges, and "aha" moments you have with the WorkOutLoud collaboration platform. We will answer every question and share the results here. Feel free to post a message or comment.
  • Groups,Micro-Communities,Public,Private,User Groups,Beta Test
    Groups play a strong contextual role in organizing your conversations and collaborations. Groups can play the role of “micro-communities” and can be both public and private. Everything related to the context of the group can be shared and be made available using the integrated alert notifications. Suggestions for ways to use Groups: *User Groups *Different Products/Services *Customer Industries *Common Interests
  • Mobile,Responsive
    WorkOutLoud takes a mobile first approach to all development. All functions perform and are tuned for responsive displays making it as easy as possible to make your site available on as many mobile platforms as possible without losing functionality.
  • Today,Portal,News,Collaborate,Communicate,Information
    The “Today Portal” is like your front page news stories for the most important communications and information that is relevant to you. With one view, you can determine where you want to dig deeper and discover information that was not easily searchable.
  • Startup Grind Minneapolis
    Startup Grind Minneapolis
  • Surveys,NPS,CSAT,Net Promoter Score,Customer Satisfaction
    The ability to conduct Surveys is part of an excellent plug-in. Utilizing Surveys, you can understand your Net Promoter Score, Customer Satisfaction, and more.
  • Weekly Platform Updates
    We will document publicly appropriate updates here on a weekly or appropriate schedule depending on the change. The goal is to provide a mechanism to communicate important updates.
  • WorkOutLoud,Secure,Private,Collaborate,Community
    WorkOutLoud is a secure, private, collaboration platform specifically designed for the unique needs of how your customers interact with each other. We have designed a simple yet comprehensive solution that helps them connect, self-organize, collaborate, present challenges, and share solutions.
  • Documentation
    WorkOutLoud Documentation
    We will keep various documentation topics in this group (forum)
  • WorkOutLoud,New Members,Welcome,Help,Onboarding
    WorkOutLoud Innovation Nation New Members
    Welcome New Members to the WorkOutLoud Innovation Nation! Please utilize this community to become familiar with our collaboration platform, learn about our features and plug-ins and ask questions. But most importantly, collaborate!